• THE NAKED Philosophy™

    ...FREEDOM Mindset to help you STRIP down Restrictions, Barriers, Boundaries and Limiting Beliefs.

  • "MOST people are only living a tiny fraction of their lives, hiding the best elements of themselves - while pretending that they’ve got it all covered. Imagine that you could strip yourself of all your FEARS and inhibitions, to experience true FREEDOM living a life of Authentic BLISS."

    YES - You Can! But Are YOU Ready to Strip IT All Down & Get NAKED?

  • What If You Could?

    Experience FREEDOM - Living In A Light Bulb of Internal Truth...

    Imagine that You Could...

    • Be Bold, Daring & Fearless in Your Pursuit for Greater Purpose.
    • Strip all the baggage, lies, hurt & bullshit weighing you down. 
    • Peel off the layers of limiting beliefs & obstacles holding you back
    • Operate from a place of Freedom & Power, instead of Fear.
    • Voice your truth so openly and loudly that the world is inspired by the depth of who you're revealing.
    • Feel supported and encouraged to create big, powerful moves for yourself.
    • Be reminded of your greatest self in the moments when you doubt yourself, your abilities, or even your journey - so that the voice of doubt in your head gets muted & replaced with a renewed confidence grounded in the power of your freedom.
    • Be in a safe space where imperfections are celebrated, just as much as we celebrate excellence.
    • Be your AUTHENTIC self. Like REALLY. Celebrating it ALL - The Flaws, The Cracks, The Warts... (including the dreaded parts of you - that you’ve most wanted to hide).

    Imagine YOU could be the highest EXPRESSION of Your Truth, Talent & Personal Greatness!

  • ABOUT The NAKED Philosophy

    Strip The Barriers, Boundaries, Restrictions & Limiting Beliefs in Your Life!

    What is The NAKED Philosophy™?

    This is the FREEDOM mind-set, a transformative SHIFT in "consciousness" grounded in the revelation of truth - needed - to challenge the illusion of perfection and overcome the #1 sabotaging emotion of all - FEAR - because many people are caged by their own FEARS... The fear of being flawed, imperfect - or not being good enough, the fear of failure, or not meeting societal expectations of us, the fear of NOT being accepted, being judged or misunderstood.


    And that's where the "cover-up" and lies begin.


    The NAKED Philosophy™ impacts people to reinvent at the thought level - to ALTER your way of thinking, feeling and understanding of your existence in the world.


    Ultimately, it is the thoughts that people have that instigate their actions and produce RESULTS for their vision, goals, or businesses. Just imagine you have the freedom to BE anything you want & do everything you want - No restrictions. Wouldn't that make you Unstoppable??


    But for anyone or their vision to GROW - You have to strip down to the source, the level of your thinking, eliminating barriers and limiting beliefs, so you can have the freedom to "be daring" and take action. The NAKED Philosophy™ will have you "rethink" what you know to be true, what you know to be possible, and what you think you can ACCOMPLISH.

  • "Just Imagine that you have the FREEDOM to BE anything you want & DO everything you desire - No restrictions.

    Yet many people are caged by their own FEARS."

    What Are The FEARS Holding You Back From Thriving?

  • The NAKED Journey

    How It All Started...

    Straight From Our Founder's Desk...

    "A few years ago I was the Actress from Nigeria, walking red carpets and living so many other people’s dreams, having my personal & social life constantly splattered on the pages of newspapers. But after my failed marriage - I realized that I wasn’t the sensation the media was creating. In 2013, I went on a personal quest to get down to the real true authentic naked part of who I am. Of course - it was painful having to STRIP DOWN all the lies & limiting beliefs I'd held about myself & society's expectations of who I was supposed to be. This is where my NAKED Movement - The Naked Talk Radio (Show), The Naked Truth (Book), The NAKED Challenge (Summit) & the entire NAKED Brand & products all came from.


    It started with a journal - I was writing to ease my pain, to heal my broken soul & mend my broken public image. My blog ALEXANDRA N' HER NAKED THOUGHTS gave me the platform to EXPRESS the real ME, thus giving me the freedom to soar. Since starting the blog, I have built a wildly successful self-development brand (that people trust). And now I'm teaching millions of men and women around the world - to reinvent their own lives & careers with The NAKED Philosophy.

  • Why It Pays to Get NAKED & Consistently Reinvent Yourself

    Press PLAY & Listen to Our Founder, Alex Okoroji Interviewed on the 'Support Is Sexy' Podcast with American Host & Mediapreneur, Elayne Fluker

  • "To Be NAKED is to have to gift yourself the FREEDOM of acceptance. Acceptance of your FLAWS, Weaknesses, Imperfections & Vulnerability. It is the ability to present yourself the way you are - No covers, no barriers...100% Bare."

    Do YOU Have The COURAGE It Takes to Show Up as Your Authentic Self?

  • This Could Be the Year YOU Finally Uncover Your Freedom to Greatness. Get a Free Sample Copy of - Uncovered! by Actress & Best-selling Author, Alex Okoroji.

    You'll get Access to Download Sample containing Chapter One to Chapter Four of Uncovered.

  • "Alex Okoroji has started an Expressionist Movement that's spread across the planet...

    She's encouraging people to speak out & tell their truth, raising our collective awareness about things that matter. Thank you Alex for inspiring me (and so many others)."

    "Thanks so much Alex! I'm so grateful to have connected with you...

    The Whole NAKED concept is helping me to expose some old wounds that must heal for me to help others!"

    "Alex, your book THE NAKED TRUTH is absolutely phenomenal...

    It really allows you to ask yourself those deep intriguing questions - so that you can start going through the PROCESS to get past your challenges & achieve transformation."

    "Thank you for using 2016 to teach me the true meaning of being NAKED!

    Through that, I discover the BEAUTY of my life everyday. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!"

    "You are Amazing! I watched you in awe at TNC as you shared your brilliance.

    But most of all, I admire your passion and commitment to being honest and NAKED!"

  • The E.A.T Process & How It Works

    The three (3) phases of THE NAKED PHILOSOPHY™. Expression motivates Awareness and Awareness motivates Transformation.



    This is the first phase.

    Expression could be a declaration of a challenge or the affirmation of a desire. We will help you uncover what needs to be expressed. It is okay to express how you're feeling about your pain, failure, weaknesses or challenges. It is also important to express what you want your ultimate outcome or desire to be. We use two mediums. Talk therapy or journaling - because expression is a sign of strength, not weakness. Expressing a problem is the beginning of discovering the root cause. Plus a problem shared is a problem already half solved. No more hiding. It's time to become the highest expression of your greatness.



    This is the second phase.

    Here you enter a state of deeper intense clarity about your challenge or desire. The phase where several unanswered questions pop up about your habits, patterns, and choices that give you a clearer understanding of why you are currently where you are, the roadblocks and limitations, and what you need to do to reinvent things and to transform your life. We teach you how to apply the 4 principles of A.S.R.A (which represent four elements of being "NAKED").

    • A is for Authenticity- We SUPPORT you to be Real, Open, Honest, Transparent, Vulnerable and show you how to attract Trust from your family, friends, team, collaborators, clients, customers, fans, followers or audience.
    • S is to Strip - We EMPOWER you to Strip down the Barriers and Limiting Beliefs restricting you. 
    • R is to Reveal - We CHALLENGE you to step out of your Comfort Zone and stop Hiding, so you can Reveal Your Utmost Brilliance, Your Uniqueness, Power, Multi-Passion and everything that makes you special. 
    • A is for Awareness- We INSPIRE you to discover your Awareness of Purpose - And help you become aware of how you show up in the world & how the world genuinely interacts with your presence, as well as the value you bring.


    This is the third phase.

    This is where reinvention takes place and the actual journey to experiencing FREEDOM and B.L.I.S.S. What does bliss look like? It's that sacred place where you feel BRAVE, LIBERATED. INSPIRED. SUPPORTED and SUCCESSFUL.


    In other to experience genuine transformation - We'll work with you to journey through the 6 INNER PATHWAYS needed to manifest your gifts & talents and how to use them to effectively show up in the world, as the highest expression of your own Greatness.

  • Our Transformation Tools

    We have created transformation tools, resources, and platforms - Blog, Radio, Books, Summit, Academy, to help YOU create a deeper understanding of yourself; Your relationships with others, the society and the world at large; so you can EXPRESS your personal greatness & live at the highest level of your authentic best.


    A LIVE Globally Syndicated International Talk Radio Show broadcast 24/7 from inside Africa to the rest of the world & hosted by The Queen of Expression - Nigerian Actress & Media Personality, ALEX OKOROJI featuring Unscripted conversations with Global Influencers every Talk Wednesday and Friday Radio Special.


    A Witty and Gritty Guide To The Real TRUTH About Love, Life, Relationships & Re-invention, Offering Wisdom to Those Struggling To Accept The TRUTH About Who They Really Are...And What They Truly Want Out of Life & Love. It Chronicles a Certain Authenticity, That Every Person Needs to Become Confident About Their Journey to Personal Freedom.


    This is an EMPOWERMENT series of Live Webinars, Tutorials, Virtual Summits and Online Events featuring top experts, gurus and industry leaders around the world - created by Alex Okoroji to MOTIVATE people out of the back burners, in to the spotlight as they REVEAL their talents, skills, goals and visions to CHALLENGE themselves into Greatness.


    Welcome to our virtual academy for personal growth. EVERY week, we host a one hour LIVE Class with Founder, Alex Okoroji. Each class will focus on any aspect of our E.A.T process, principles of A.S.R.A. to reinvent yourself, succeed in your Personal Transformation and create a world of Bliss.

  • Get Your Copy of The NAKED TRUTH: Lies Stripped...

    Read this Witty Gritty Guide to the Real Truth about Love, Life, Relationships, Sex & Personal Reinvention. NOW AVAILABLE in Paperback, eBook...

  • The NAKED Challenge Summit

    Join Us For Our Yearly Virtual Event to CHALLENGE You into Greatness

    Join Us for our 2017 Edition of THE NAKED CHALLENGE: D.E.S.I.R.E for Leadership

    Do YOU desire to take the lead in your personal life, career & business? Here's the CHALLENGE! Join Hosts, Maria Appelqvist & Alex Okoroji + 6 Power Speakers on One Day 'Round-table' Virtual Summit to spur you to Greatness. Clear your calendar - It's going down! You're invited to join the party. Come - bring a guest and hang loose. This international panel will be EPIC!

    Join Us for our 2016 Edition of THE NAKED CHALLENGE: Creative Mastery Global Summit

    Are you hiding your amazing gifts or covering up your talents? Are you afraid to REVEAL your creative SUPER-POWERS or even share your brilliant ideas with the world? Here's the CHALLENGE! Join Host, Alex Okoroji + 25 Creative Influencers for 6 Days of Creative Bliss to spring you out of the back burners. Clear your calendar - It's going down! You're invited to join us. Come - bring a guest and hang loose. This international panel will be EPIC!

  • "EXPRESSION is a Sign of STRENGTH and Not Weakness...

    Never be ashamed to express who you are, how you are feeling or even what you want out of life."

    Unexpressed Emotions = Dead Outcome and No Results

  • Listen to THE NAKED TALK

    Press PLAY & Catch Unscripted & Unfiltered  Radio Conversations with Host,

    Alex Okoroji and her Influential Guests from Around The World.

    Catch Over 180 Hours of Authentic Conversation With Guests From Around The World

  • Meet Our Founder

    Ranked as one of the Top 250 Most Influential Women in the World by Richtopia and Nominated for Her Network 2018 "Woman of The Year" in Entertainment.


    Our Founder - Alex Okoroji is a Nigerian Actress & Multiple Award Winning Media Personality - who has reinvented herself at every stage of her creative career as a Performing, Visual and Literary Artiste. She is an Actress, TV Personality, Writer, Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Author, Global Influencer, Reinvention Coach and Mediapreneur who helps high-performing experts around the world, create a bigger impact with their platforms, message, products or services. Referred to as the "Queen of Expression" for using different mediums of the Art to empower people with the freedom to express their truth, talent, and personal greatness. Honored with a Nigeria Goodwill Ambassador Award, a Peace Achievers Award - as "Media Personality of the Year" in 2017, a 2017 WEF Iconic Woman Award and a 2019 Exceptional Woman of Excellence Award at the Annual Global Women Economic Forum. She received an Honorary Doctorate Degree and was conferred a Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil) from Rai University for her impact and achievements. She has been featured in over 250 Media Platforms around the World like Huffington Post, CNN, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Mogul, The Sun, The New York Journal, Fox, ABC, NBC and many more. She is the Creator of Self Development Hub - The NAKED Philosophy™ and CEO + Creative Director at The BRAG Media Company.

  • The NAKED Road to Personal & Business Success

    WATCH Our Founder's - Interview on Wealthy Wednesday Show with Host - Luci McMonagle

    PRESS PLAY & Watch Our Founder - Alex Okoroji chat about THE NAKED Philosophy,

    The EAT Process & our A.S.R.A Principles for Transformation.

  • Catch The NAKED Boost

    Need A Pick-Me-Up? PRESS PLAY & Listen to Your Audio Wake Up Call

    to Elevate & EMPOWER You to Take Action!

  • "Only FREE People, Can Actually Free People."

    Imagine How Much Faster YOU Can Move to the Finish Line & What Great Things You Can Accomplish in the World - Without All the BAGGAGE, Judgements, Self Doubt & Limiting Beliefs Weighing You Down & Holding You Back.


    Get Ready to REINVENT Yourself, Experience Your FREEDOM

    to Personal Greatness & Achieve B.L.I.S.S on Your OWN Terms.

    You'll be connected to 6 weeks of mentoring & training in One Hour of Coaching Per Week... In this space, you'll be supported, inspired & challenged to go to YOUR NEXT LEVEL, so you can REINVENT yourself & be the highest expression of your Authentic Best.


    Each week, you'll get direct one-on-one, session from our Head Coach & Founder - Alex Okoroji. Alongside group sessions. Q & A Sessions. Each Week will focus on aspects of the E.A.T process, and principles of A.S.R.A. to systematically - help you reinvent yourself and succeed in your Personal Transformation to create a world of Bliss for yourself.

  • Listen to THE NAKED TALK on Radio

    Don't Miss Any of The LIVE- On Air Radio Conversations

    All New Season of THE NAKED TALK w/ Alex Okoroji

    Listen to Over 180 Hours of Great Conversation with Guests from Around The World

  • "Nothing Will Change - If Your Pain Stays Covered, Unaddressed & Un-challenged."

    When you overload yourself with the baggage of Anger, Hurt, Disappointment, Hatred, Lies, Secrets, Distraction, Bitterness, Resentment, Betrayal, Revenge... Don't suppress it. TALK about it, address it...so you can get closure & be rid of the ghosts from your past.

  • Would You Like to Reinvent Yourself? Get In Touch & Let's Schedule a Free Clarity Call with Alex Okoroji

    Be Ready to Take the First Steps to Transform Your Life.

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